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How to place an order with us?

It's easy to place an order with us, you only need 3 steps:

1,Shopping: Choose the item you want ⇒ add quantities you want to buy⇒ click buy now
2, Fill up all your shipping details⇒ Click Save ⇒ choose the payment you want to pay ( more details about payment below)⇒ Click Place an order
3, Completed:
We have Paypal, Credict Card, Mobile pay and Bank transfer available at the moment,
We also have standard AU post or express AU post for your options

! Paypal: just click paypal, and paypal will take you to login in your account and finish the payments (Same as you use paypal account to buy from any other stores)
!! Mobile pay and Bank transfer, you need to login in your bank, after pay fill up your name, amount of the money paid, payment number⇒ Click submit, we will receive your order.

At Starpoint, every dollar you spend equal to the high standard of customer service. Honesty and integrity are the keys to providing you the best value for your time and money. Every inquiry you send is dedicated being answered with ONE business day. And goods will be sent every business day before 4:00, We are enthusiastic in supplying best service and quality products.

Please be noted: Free shipping item only ship via standard post, if express have to pay extral.

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